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WHERE | 5400 Old Adobe Rd. Petaluma, California


WHEN | Summer 2017




The “Creator’s Collective” occupies the site of a former lumberyard in Petaluma, approximately 45 minutes north of San Francisco. The project consists of many different components ranging from a flower shop, to artist studios, to an apiary, to an open-air market.

The project places a heavy emphasis on the recycling and repurposing of materials. This can be seen in the utilization of a converted railcar housing market stalls. The former lumber sheds have been opened and have standalone artist studios within shipping containers inserted into the structure. The existing buildings have been subdivided to create a sort of bohemian makerspace for Northern California’s artisans. Lastly, a live-work apiary built out of shipping containers is housed in a corner of the site.  


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