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WHERE | Scalo de Pinedo, Rome, Italy


WHEN | Fall 2018




Designed while studying abroad in Rome, the “Museo de Tevere”, or Museum of the Tiber, houses large-scale models of the Tiber river as well as other exhibition and gather spaces. The project is sited along the river itself at the northern terminus of the city’s flood walls. The project serves not only to foster a stronger relationship between the city and the river, but to also address the lack of connection between the paths at the level of the river and the elevated city

This connection is fostered by siting the project next to the “Scalo de Pineda” which served as port for the city in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The project is centered around a ramp which elevated from the river up to the top of the city’s flood embankments. The building program is then oriented around this public space.


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