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WHERE | 1805 Magazine St. New Orleans, Louisiana 


WHEN | Fall 2016




Occupying a 4500 square-foot corner lot along Magazine street in New Orleans’ historic Lower Garden District the project is constituted as a bathhouse, allowing for an experimentation in form while also working with water while incorporating the concepts of prospect and refuge.

The project consists of a series of pools varying in size that are only accessible through a single linear sequence. The limited size of the site called for the incorporation of multiple levels into the project, thus stacking pools on top of one another. This creates a linear sequence moving up and down throughout the building. The façade of the main pool, which occupies a large double-height space within the building is clad with a trellis of Boston Ivy, which sheds its leaves perennially, allowing for increased solar gains during the winter while providing much-needed shading during warmer summer months.


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