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WHERE | Inner Harbor Navigation Canal, New Orleans, Louisiana 


WHEN | Fall 2019




Developed as part of Tulane’s “Future of Ports” research studio, this project focuses on the redevelopment of an 80-hectare wharf on the western bank of the city’s Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC). The project looks to rework New Orleans’ infrastructure for pumping water immediately out of the city to better incorporate and utilize this water while taking into account the inherent flood risks of developing so close to the water in a sinking city that faces great risk due to sea level rise.

The project proposes the gridding of 30 city blocks on the existing wharf and “corrugating” them, meaning one side of the block is lower in elevation while one is higher. These to conditions are treated differently, with floodable infrastructures occupying the lower portions, and more critical program, such as residential, commercial, and retail spaces are situated on the high ground, thus mitigating their risk of flood.


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