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WHERE | Lake Mývatn, Iceland


WHEN | Fall 2019




Designed for Beebreeder’s Iceland Thermal Spring Guesthouse competition, the proposes an additional guest lodge complete with 10 luxury hotel rooms, each equipped with a sauna and balcony as well as common kitchen and living spaces for guests. The guest house was designed for Vogafjós; a farm-stay resort on the banks of Lake Mývatn in northern Iceland, an area famous for its thermal springs.

The project draws from the formal simplicity of the Icelandic vernacular, as well its landscape and climate. The project is partially embedded within the earth to conserve heat while the rooms are designed to optimize natural lighting, which not only provides for a more pleasing environment, but maximizes solar heating gain as well. The project’s north façade is entirely transparent to take create sweeping views of the Aurora Borealis.


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